What is Lark?

Lark enables your team to do their best work anywhere, by offering a seamless mobile and PC experience. 

Lark integrates a suite of key functions including of messenger, online documents, video conferencing, calendar, cloud drive, mail, integration and automation workflow to support seamless collaboration that’ll fuel your team’s efficiency and growth.

Messaging with greater focus and context

Lark Messenger is the hub for your team’s communication, with multiple features to reduce distractions and an emphasis on giving full context to team members.

Create and collaborate with ease

Centralize your ideas and productivity with Lark’s creation and cloud management capabilities. You can collaborate seamlessly with anyone in your organization to bring your ideas to life. Everything is automatically saved in the cloud, with up to 200GB of free storage space.

Truly integrated video calls

The days of meeting invite links and switching between call windows are over. Lark video calls can be started from within a group chat or calendar event, and content in Docs can be edited by any meeting participant within the call window.

A calendar to keep everyone on the same page

Scheduling meetings has never been easier! Lark Calendar comes with features that can help you manage people and information before, during, and after your meetings.

Email connected with your most essential tools

Much has been made of the “death” of email, but it is still an integral part of business communication today. Lark Mail brings email into the future through integration with the rest of Lark Suite.

What is Lark Flow?

Lark Flow is an automation tool that allows you to integrate different apps and services as workflow.
Automate your workflow in minutes without any coding

Connect multiple apps to automate repetitive tasks

Save your time for the truly important work

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