Who are We?

We are AppUnion

AppUnion is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises and SMEs. We study, test and choose a series of MarTech or WorkTech solutions to provide an entire suite for your business needs. Such as Workflow Management, Process Automation, Lead Generation…etc. Our professional consultants, software engineers, developers, designers, HR and Marketing professionals are here to provide in-depth consultancy to find a one perfect solution for your business.

About AppUnion

How Got Our Start?

We founded AppUnion out of a pure passion for people. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of. AppUnion is a value-added professional firm providing comprehensive one-stop services to fulfill the various needs of our clients to establish or expand their business via innovative and technology tools. ​ We are based in Hong Kong and our management team are professionals from different aspects including Information Technology, Operation Management, Marketing Strategy and Digital Transformation etc. ​ We associate with different partners in Asia Pacific to establish a well-developed platform for management of our Projects.

Leading IT Solutions Provider in Hong Kong

As a pioneer in the industry, AppUnion has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional customer care. Through our extensive selection of services and expansive inventory, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded. 

Our mission

To provide reliable consultancy services with latest technology recommendations to our clients that enable them to optimize their productivity in daily operation.

Our Vision

To be the most desirable technology consulting company in Asia Pacific.

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