Pipedrive CRM

The Ultimate CRM Platform that help you close Deals Smarter & Faster

CRM Made for Salespeople

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a customer management system from the perspective of a salesperson, allowing you to manage leads and deals, and also lets you track communications, and automate workflow.

Why use Pipedrive?

Hit your sales goals, without the scramble


Automatically remind the business to track the schedule and lock in business opportunities immediately.

sales progress Tracking

Pipedrive visualizes the sales progress
Visualize the sales progress of the business and grasp the sales status in 1 second.

See measurable results

Pipedrive automatically calculate the future performance of each business and adjust sales strategies in real time.

The best CRM for SMB

Expect more from your sales CRM ?

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Pipedrive vs. Salesforce

3 reasons why businesses choose Pipedrive ?


Easy to use CRM Platform

Pipedrive provides independent drag-and-drop kanbans for team members and visual case card sorting, and can centrally manage all sales activities, making it smooth and intuitive to use.


Competitive Pricing

With the expansion of the business scale, the system cost to be borne may also increase. Pipedrive has many functions, but the price is only less than half of Salesforce. It can meet your needs at a more reasonable cost.


Advanced features for your business

The initial version of Pipedrive can meet the needs of most companies, so no matter the size of your team, you can immediately start planning the sales process, free and unlimited.

Your Trusted Pipedrive Solution Partner

Why Buy Pipedrive from AppUnion ?



Tell Us Exactly What You Need and we will tailor prefect Pipedrive solution for you.


Account Set Up

We provide deployment services and seamless data migration for your customer data with zero downtime.


Technical Support

You don’t have to think and study how to operate the desired function, you can directly find the expert for support.

Who are we?

Pipedrive Solution Partner in HK

AppUnion is an official Pipedrive solution partner in Hong Kong, providing professional services including consulting, customization, onboarding and implementation to ensure success with Pipedrive. We help companies of all sizes win customers and grow revenue with a complete and customisable CRM solution.

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