Claims Management

Use Kintone’s automated claims filing and management process to gain instant visibility over every claim in your backlog.

Streamline your processes
staying ahead of the curve

Stay in control, don’t let the claims control you. Leverage the workflow set up by Kintone to stay cool in a heated situation – collaborate with other Kintone app to further stay ahead of the pack.

Always evolve
never be lost

Solutions that work only for a period of time is a thing of the past. Kintone’s highly customize-able solution keeps evolving like how your business does throughout time. Never worry about the future and focus on the present.

Optimize your business

Never scramble for data with Kintone. Hunting down data is a thing of the past with our cloud-based database solution. Want more time to achieve greatness? Easily get your data across teams with Kintone.


File Claims in Less Than Five Minutes

With Kintone, it’s not just possible—it’s easy. Kintone lets you build an automated workflow process just the way you want so you can receive, view, and process claims in less time than it takes to return a phone call

View Claim Deadlines in Seconds

It’s so easy to miss deadlines when you have to constantly sort massive Excel columns to see what’s coming up. In Kintone, your deadlines are automatically sorted the way you want. You can also set up notifications to warn you about fast-approaching claim deadlines

Never Lose Another Claim to a Full Inbox

Don’t miss out on claims because they’re buried in your inbox. Kintone lets your customers upload claims directly to Kintone so you can see new records as they’re filed

Get Rid of Repetitive Filing Tasks

Imagine a claim filing process where you never have to duplicate data. No copy-pasting info from emails, dragging information into Word to create PDFs, or emailing customers to update them on their claims. Everything is automatic and hands-off. Welcome to Kintone.