7 Essential Guidelines for LinkedIn Outreach Beginners (Part 1)

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7 Essential Guidelines for LinkedIn Outreach Beginners – Part 1

There are scores of opportunities for generating leads, bolstering social marketing and reach. LinkedIn has been one of the popular channels for marketers to generate business leads but there are always concerns on LinkedIn outreach related to profile design and automation issues. We will be covering 7 essential guidelines for beginners to conduct LinkedIn outreach in this article:

1: Set daily limits for your LinkedIn account

It is not practical to simply activate a new LinkedIn account and kick off mass marketing and outreach. You may get connected to one or two people manually every day at the beginning but the connection can soar to more than 50 per day through the automation that your account can be easily detected and flagged.

Setting daily limits is therefore crucial for ensuring your account is safe before moving on to boost social marketing and reach. First of all, maintain connection requests under a designated number for a specified period of time until your account is fired up. It is not recommended to send over 50 connection requests per day if the acceptance rate is less than 60%. You may send approximately 30 connection requests per day for a free LinkedIn account and you may send 50 to 70 connection requests per day for a LinkedIn premium account as long as the average acceptance rate is more than 60%.

Something Like…

  • 1 – 5 days – 10 connection requests per day
  • 5 – 10 days – 20 connection requests per day
  • 15 – 20 days – 30 connection requests per day
  • 20 -25 days – 50 connection requests per days

With regard to direct messages, you are recommended to send a maximum of 30 messages per day for new accounts, 50 to 70 messages per day for fired up accounts and 70 to 100 messages per day for premium accounts. For monthly searches, you are recommended to send a maximum of 30 searches for new accounts, 300 searches for fired up accounts and unlimited searches for premium accounts.

  • 30 messages per day – for a slow approach with new / most accounts
  • 50 – 70 messages per day – spread throughout the day, for warmed up accounts
  • 70 – 100 messages per day – ONLY if you know what you’re doing and have a premium account

2: Generate an exceptional profile for your LinkedIn account

It is also essential to create an excellent and outstanding profile as the profile reflects and depicts how you are to other people. A neat-looking, professional photo and fascinating background image can help you stand out among other peers or competitors. Additionally, you are not recommended to use the default headline and summary for your profile. A catchy headline and summary can help draw the attention from other people and enhance your opportunities of receiving responses from others.

3: Remove outdated and pending connection requests

Your LinkedIn account may not be top-notch if enormous connection requests are sent every day without any acceptance, resulting in the growing number of pending invitations.

You are strongly advised to clean up outdated and pending connection requests that have been sent for 10 to 15 days to ensure that you would not be temporarily disabled by LinkedIn to send further requests.

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