5 LinkedIn Outreach Strategies You Should Know (Part 2)

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LinkedIn Outreach Strategies

Engagement and Follow Up

Lesson 4: Safety first
So with all the preparation you have done, background researching, highly personalized messages, self-created GIFs, or images, you are all set to go. Target the right person and send the GIFs actively through the LinkedIn inbox.

However, people sometimes are too eager to see the result by sending numerous requests with low response rates, ending up getting suspended. So make sure that you only reach out to relevant people and send interactive request messages. Start with 10 connections per day and make sure some of them reply before moving on. The limit will be 50 people per day, 20 to 50 people would be good enough.

Lesson 5: Follow up
Combining the unique messages and creative GIFs, you can expect a dramatically positive result. After people have accepted your requests, it is time to follow up, also for the sake of engagement. 

Lesson 5.1: A message right after the acceptance
A self-created GIF with a message of “Cheers” or “Thank you for connecting” would be nice. It is to show that you actually care about it instead of just spamming around.

Lesson 5.2: Second message after 12 hours delay
The intensive background research comes in handy, as in the second message you will be talking about personal interests or recent activities. Then try to link it to your purpose of connecting. For example, “Wondering what would be the best way to (verb) (a project), (first name)?” or “What do you think about (a project/an activity)”.

Lesson 5.3: Third message after 2 days delay
If the recipient responded and was interested in the topic you brought up, try to set up a face-to-face meeting with a message like “I would love to share with you all the insight and secrets. (First name), are you free (a day) for coffee?”.

Lesson 5.4: Fourth message after 3 days delay
If the time did not work out for the recipient, ask for alternatives. The goal is to set up a meeting to achieve your purpose of connecting, whether you are looking for a job or you are trying to sell a product.

You may notice that we emphasized the time delays as the last thing we want is to look like a spam and annoy others. So be patient, short and precise messages are the key.

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LinkedIn, as the most powerful tool for professional networking, provides tons of opportunities. If you do things correctly, you may get a better offer or you may increase your sales. 

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While everyone is sending out the same and tedious message templates, sending highly personalized messages with eye-catching GIFs will be your advantage. These 5 strategies are not the things that you would like to miss out on. With the right outreach strategies, your LinkedIn profile will stand out and leave all your competitors in the dust. All you have to do is to sit back and wait for demo calls.

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